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I embrace a holistic approach in respect to the wisdom of our heart, mind, brain and body.

If you're feeling alone in dealing with life-challenges, I am right here to help you.

My approach intends to heal the root cause of the problems, instead of treating just symptoms; the results are long-lasting transformations in your thoughts, feelings, body, and the way that you see yourself and others. My clients often report feeling energized, clear and strong in achieving their dreams, improving their relationships, and feeling good about themselves.

My job is to offer warm, non-judgmental space for you to tap into your own healing resources.

Just like a seed would start to grow naturally when it receives enough sunlight, water,

and nurturing soil, we as humans would start to heal and grow in a warm,

compassionate relationship.

I offer healing oriented talk-therapy, hypnotherapy, and neurofeedback.

All of these methods are done in the context of partnership with you.

I'm also sensitive to multicultural/acculturation issues.

Sessions can be conducted in English or Japanese.

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