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Welcome to my little virtual safe haven!

Ever felt like you're journeying through life alone, burdened with an emotional weight that just won't lighten? Or maybe stress has left you frozen, tangled in indecision. Perhaps you're feeling lost, wandering in the darkness, not knowing which path to tread. You could be held captive by your past, preventing any forward momentum, or you might find yourself tripping over the same relationship obstacles. Do you ever just feel... out of place, not quite fitting in anywhere?

Dear friend, I'm here for you.

My work revolves around tapping into the wisdom of our hearts, minds, and bodies, adopting a gentle, holistic, and effective approach. Rather than simply treating symptoms, we'll journey to the root of the issues together.


And the result? A transformation in your thoughts, feelings, and your perspective of yourself and others. Many of my clients have experienced this transformative journey, reporting that they've grown into their authentic selves that they love.

Did you know that each of us possesses an incredible self-healing potential within?


As your therapist, I aim to awaken this potential, nurturing it in our warm and safe therapeutic partnership until it blooms like a beautiful flower.

My therapeutic style is characterized by AEDP™️ psychotherapy and hypnotherapy — healing-oriented, body-mind based, and empirically supported models. These tools allow me to touch the deeper layers of the psyche. As a Senior Faculty member at the AEDP™️ Institute, with over 20 years of experience in practice, teaching, supervising and writing, I truly found my calling in being a therapist. I simply love what I do! :-)

I would be deeply honored to accompany you on your journey, helping you discover the river of self-healing that flows within you.


Will you let me walk alongside you as we delve into past traumas?

I'm excited to meet you! The best way to get this conversation started is via email:


*Note: The name of my homepage, Flower Rivers, is a personal touch, a translation of my last name. Consider it my way of warmly welcoming you into this space, just for you. ;-)

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