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  • I had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Amanda Chatel, a writer for the amazing online magazine, Women. We talked about something that's been on TikTok lately – the "Boyfriend Effect." Amanda's article, "Psychologist Tells Us If The Viral Boyfriend Effect Is Actually Real" (January 2024), dives into this hot topic, and she included some of my thoughts in it!


So, what's this "Boyfriend Effect" all about? It's this term that's been floating around, describing the changes people often go through in how they act and look after they start dating someone, especially in heterosexual relationships. I shared my take on whether there's any real truth to these claims and talked about the psychology behind why we might see these kinds of changes. Check out the article here! 

  • Alicia Muñoz, a senior writer from Psychotherapy Networker interviewed me for her article about termination in psychotherapy. It's an engaging, easy-to-read essay about potentially complicated business of ending therapy for the clients and therapists. :-) Read the article (January 2023)

  • An online magazine for business owners, GoSolo, interviewed me about my practice and published a nice article. Read the article here. (October, 2022)

  • HuffPost interviewed me about the psychological effects of KonMari Method. Years before I was asked to have this interview, I read her book and tried her method myself with great success! I am a big fan of her work. It was an honor to talk about the psychological, spiritual and cultural meanings of her method. Read the article. (January 30, 2019)

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Several professional articles in academic journals on AEDP in both English and Japanese.

Hanakawa, Y. (2011). Receiving Loving Gratitude: How a Therapist's Mindful Embrace of a Patient's Gratitude Facilitates Transformance, Transformance: AEDP Journal, vol. 3.  (  Full Article

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