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About me

Yuko Hanakawa, Ph.D.
NY State Licensed Clinical Psychologist
AEDP™ Institute, Senior Faculty

Welcome! I'm Dr. Yuko, a passionate advocate for emotional healing and transformation through AEDP™ psychotherapy. My journey in psychology began with a Master's degree in General Psychology from New York University, followed by a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University, where I first encountered the transformative power of AEDP™ under the mentorship of Dr. Diana Fosha.


AEDP™ Psychotherapy is at the heart of my therapeutic practice. This approach is holistic, healing-oriented, and backed by empirical research. It's a therapy that celebrates the profound connection between body, mind, and heart, unlocking the inherent wisdom within each to foster deep emotional healing.

My fascination with AEDP™ therapy blossomed at Adelphi University, inspired by the deep emotional engagement and transformative potential I experienced firsthand. This led me to intensive training with Dr. Fosha, further igniting my commitment to this therapeutic approach.


As a contributor to the field, I've written extensively on AEDP Psychotherapy, including scholarly papers, book chapters, and a comprehensive book titled "Transforming Your Counseling Skills: A Practical Method to Heal Emotions" (2020), aimed at demystifying AEDP™ for therapists. My work has been featured in the "Handbook of Integrative Psychotherapy" and the APA bestseller "Undoing Aloneness and the Transformation of Suffering Into Flourishing: AEDP 2.0," among others.


My voice has reached broader audiences through platforms like Psychotherapy Networker and HuffPost, where I've explored topics from the importance of termination work in therapy to the cultural and psychological insights behind Marie Kondo's decluttering philosophy.


In recent years, I've embraced the role of educator, sharing my knowledge of AEDP™ therapy through training courses worldwide and founding AEDP™ for JAPAN to support the next generation of Japanese therapists. As a Senior Faculty member at the AEDP™ Institute and a former faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai St. Luke's Hospital, I've dedicated my career to nurturing both clients and budding therapists.

Now, from my private practice in Manhattan, I offer individual psychotherapy and supervision, specializing in moment-to-moment tracking and adapting AEDP™ to serve a diverse clientele, including those from various cultural backgrounds and highly sensitive individuals.


As an immigrant from Japan, I hold a special place in my heart for bi-cultural and immigrant experiences, especially those from North East Asian cultures. I strive to bridge the gap between these individuals and the dominant American culture, aiming to undo the aloneness they may feel.

Thank you for considering this journey with me.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you and discovering how I can assist you in freeing yourself from anxiety and persistent relationship patterns. Schedule your free consultation with me today to explore whether we are the perfect team to embark on this transformative journey together! 

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