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Anxiety Therapy in NYC

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Anxiety Therapy in NYC

Feeling Not Good Enough? Discover How Anxiety Therapy in NYC Can Help

Ugh… You had a hard day at work again. Your boss praised your job, but you couldn’t take it seriously. You feel like you should work harder to feel like you are good enough. Your self-worth is tied to work performance. You feel exhausted at the end of the day, and you know you put in more hours than others because you feel you are actually not that competent. People think you are a perfectionist, but you’re not. You’re just trying to achieve a just good-enough level of performance… That's hard. That's where anxiety therapy in NYC comes in and can help you


Cultural Identity and the Anxiety of Belonging

You don’t feel you actually fit in. You know you look different from your mainstream American colleagues. Your cultural background is unique. You try to hide your true self and melt smoothly into mainstream culture. You look well-fit in but feel alone inside.

Physical Anxiety Symptoms in NYC

Today was particularly hard because you felt the physical sensations that bothered you. You felt your stomach turning and heart pounding hard during a slight disagreement with your colleague. You avoid confrontation at all cost! When someone disagrees with you, you feel tears coming, but you always suppressed them. You can’t shake off this feeling of heavy anxiety and sharp terror when you have to confront someone. You worry that you step on someone’s toes and they get mad at you…

Navigating Anxiety at Work

Everyone in your department likes you and praises you for doing an excellent job, but you don’t believe it. Everyone likes you because you don’t disagree with anyone; you agree and mediate conflicts and avoid confrontation at all costs. Many people come to you with their issues, and you listen; as a result, they like you. You're excellent at that, but that kind of listening exhausts you deeply. You feel like you are not truly a mature adult who can feel, express, and communicate emotions in healthy ways. You don’t know how…

Anxiety in Relationships

This anxiety gets in the way of your communication with your partner/family members, too. You feel weak when they have strong opinions or feelings. You yield frequently and easily, which you don’t like but feel like you have to. The other day, you tried to communicate with your partner about how you truly felt about the unfairness of household chores - you feel like you are doing a lot more than he does- though you work full time, too. But when you tried to bring up this topic, you felt a knot in your stomach, your heart pounding, and felt weak in your legs; you felt small like a child. You tried to talk to them but you burst into tears even before you opened your mouth. 🥺


You've Found the Right Place!:

Anxiety Therapy in NYC

Hi I’m Dr. Yuko, a clinical psychologist in NYC,

published writer, and supervisor in New York City. I'm here

for the hard-working New Yorkers like you who are feeling

totally exhausted and drained. You know, the ones who've

been pushing themselves too hard.


I've been doing this for over 15 years, helping people with anxiety, worry, and those heart-racing panic moments. I use a method called AEDP therapy to get to the heart of things quickly, focusing on what you're truly feeling, your anxiety, or any walls you've put up. AEDP therapy is a mind-body based, healing-oriented model that focuses on processing emotions, mobilizing your innate resilience, and creating connections.


First things first, we'll build a safe and trusting vibe together, where you can let your guard down. Maybe we'll try some calming techniques together, like focusing on your breathing, to take the edge off any intense anxiety. Then, we'll gently explore those deeper feelings you've pushed away. My approach is all about connecting your mind, body, and emotions in a way that really brings about deep, lasting transformations in a safe space together with you.


People say I'm a warm, gentle, and kind soul with a knack for lightening the mood. We'll probably share a few laughs, even when we're sorting through tough emotions. :-) 


Ever felt scared to go down to the basement alone as a kid, but then found it way less scary with an adult by your side? It's kind of like that with emotions. I'll be right there with you, journeying into the deeper parts of your heart and mind, so you're never facing those feelings alone. I'm in your corner. Together, we can heal those deep-seated emotions – sadness, anger, fear – the stuff that's really behind your anxiety.


Therapy with me isn't scary or painful. It's more like having a heart-to-heart with someone who's got your back. Through our sessions, you'll start to see changes – not just in how you handle anxiety, but in your relationships, your work, and, most importantly, in how you see yourself. With a bit of time and work, you can look forward to a life that's easier, more authentic, and filled with a real, belly-laugh kind of joy! 😄


Unlock your full potential through healing-oriented Anxiety Therapy in NYC, and embark on a path towards a life defined by ease, authenticity, and joy.


Schedule your free consultation with me today to see if you and I make a perfect team! 

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