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Hello and thank you for considering me as your potential therapist.


Choosing the right person to work with is really important, which is why I offer a free, 20-minute consultation. We can meet over Zoom or talk on the phone—whichever is easier for you.

To schedule this consultation, you can email me at


I'll get back to you within a day and give you access to a secure portal. This is a confidential space for you to share more about what you're going through and what you hope to achieve with therapy.


Here are the session fees for your reference:

  • 60-minute session: $350

  • 45-minute session: $275


Currently, I'm conducting all sessions online. 


Please note that all sliding scale slots are currently filled.

I accept Venmo and credit cards for payment (there's a 3% transaction fee for credit cards).

If you have insurance, I can provide a Super Bill each month for you to submit. And for those of you swamped with life, we can handle the insurance submission for a small $5 fee.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together on your path to your Authentic Self! 


With much warmth,


Office Address:

225 Broadway, Suite 1570, New York NY 10007 USA


Essential Practice Policy:

  • Please note that I am not an ‘in-network provider’ even though I do take insurance and work with companies such as Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealth, Blue Cross, and others if your plan has out-of-network benefits (PPO).

  • Kindly understand that punctuality is crucial for our therapy sessions. If you arrive late, we unfortunately cannot extend the session to make up for the lost time. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please inform me at least 48 hours in advance. After this period, the full amount will be charged regardless of the reason for cancellation. Please be aware that insurance companies do not cover cancellation fees, so any cancellation costs will need to be covered entirely by you.

  • Our therapy may not be suitable for individuals with the following symptoms just because I am not specialized in these types of conditions. If you have any of the conditions listed below, we recommend seeking a specialist who focuses on these symptoms:

    • Individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others (e.g., potential for suicide, homicide, violence)

    • Those with severe mental illnesses (e.g., hallucinations, delusions) or severe anger issues, injurious behaviors toward the self and others, and significant dissociative conditions.

    • Those with severe addictions or eating disorders that require medical interventions.

  • Clients' privacy (session content, personal information) is strictly protected. However, if there is a possibility of abuse towards children, the elderly, or adults with intellectual disabilities, or if there is potential for homicide, suicide, or harm to someone, the therapist is legally obligated to report this to the police or relevant government agencies.​

  • If you're experiencing thoughts of self-harm or risk to others, it's vital to seek immediate help. Please dial or text 988 for confidential support, available 24/7 through the 988 Lifeline. This service is designed to assist individuals in a suicidal crisis or experiencing severe mental distress. Alternatively, consider visiting your nearest emergency room. Please note that my practice is not specialized in managing imminent self-harm risks. Your safety and wellbeing are always the paramount concern, and reaching out for immediate help is essential.

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