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* "What Just Happened? And What is Happening Now? The Art and Science of Moment-to-Moment Tracking in AEDP." In Undoing Aloneness and the Transformation of Suffering Into Flourishing: AEDP 2.0 (2021). Washington, DC: USA (in English)

“Transforming your counseling skills: A practical method to heal emotions” (2020). Tokyo, Japan: Kongo.  (in Japanese). 


Alicia Muñoz, a senior writer from Psychotherapy Networker interviewed me for her article about termination in psychotherapy. It's an engaging, easy-to-read essay about potentially complicated business of ending therapy for the clients and therapists. :-) Read the article (January 2023)

An online magazine for business owners, GoSolo, interviewed me about my practice and published a nice article. Read the article here. (October, 2022)

HuffPost interviewed me about the psychological effects of KonMari Method. Years before I was asked to have this interview, I read her book and tried her method myself with great success! I am a big fan of her work. It was an honor to talk about the psychological, spiritual and cultural meanings of her method. Read the article. (January 30, 2019)

Book Translation: 

Frederick, R. (2009/2022). Kanjo wo iyashi anatarashiku ikiru yottsuno steps. (Y. Hanakawa., Trans.). Tokyo, Japan: Fukumura Shuppan.

Fosha, D. (2017). Hitowo hagukumu aichakuto kanjouno chikara. (S. Iwakabe, Y. Hanakawa, and et al., Trans.). Tokyo, Japan: Fukumura Shuppan (Original book published 2000)

Professional Articles: 

Several professional articles in academic journals on AEDP. 

Hanakawa, Y. (2011). Receiving Loving Gratitude: How a Therapist's Mindful Embrace of a Patient's Gratitude Facilitates Transformance, Transformance: AEDP Journal, vol. 3.  (  Full Article

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