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NYC Therapy: What to Expect and How to Get Started

New York City is a whirlwind – fast-paced, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. In the midst of all this, it's incredibly common to find yourself searching for terms like "psychologist in NYC", "AEDP therapist," or "anxiety therapy NYC." But therapy, counseling, and coaching can be confusing terms. If you're exploring support for your mental health, I invite you to check out my website and blog. Let's demystify the process!

You've talked to a few therapists in NYC, and even if they seem nice, you naturally have a lot of questions.  That's a great sign – it means you're invested in finding the right support! I'm here to help make the process a little clearer.

What to expect from your first consultation with a psychologist in NYC

Most therapists (myself included) offer an initial brief consultation to help you determine if we're a good fit. For a deeper look into a heartfelt, experiential approach that goes beyond typical talk therapy, please read my blog post: Beyond the Checklist: An Unusual Heartfelt Experiential Guide:

What to expect in the first session with a psychologist in NYC

Many therapists focus on simply listening. While well-intentioned, this can make discovering root causes of anxiety or depression a slow process. My style is different.  I focus on quickly helping you access deeper emotions and any related body sensations within a safe and welcoming environment.  My goal is to help you move past mental blocks that keep you stuck.  Our work together would involve fully experiencing your emotions so they can shift, bringing relief and lightness.  You may even begin feeling this relief by the end of the first session!  Learn more on this page: [Anxiety Therapy NYC] (

How long does someone work with a therapist in NYC?

The length of therapy varies widely. Many therapists work with clients for years at a time with no specific end in sight. However, my approach prioritizes focused, transformative work so you can graduate from therapy when you feel ready. Of course, the length of treatment depends on factors like the complexity of past trauma, your current support network, life stressors, and your willingness to explore emotions deeply. While it's impossible to predict an exact timeline, my process usually involves somewhere between 16 and 50 sessions for significant shifts.  Once you're making progress, I'll regularly check in to see how you feel about continuing or graduating. Some choose to remain in therapy for continued personal growth, and that's perfectly fine.


I hope this helps you on your path to finding the perfect therapist in this bustling city. Always remember, seeking mental health support is a sign of strength. If you'd like further guidance, please feel free to reach out at and schedule a free consultation. I'd be happy to hear what you're experiencing and point you in the right direction.

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