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About me

Dr. Yuko Hanakawa, Ph.D.

NY State Licensed Clinical Psychologist

AEDP™ Institute, Senior Faculty

Dr. Hanakawa is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist, graduating with a Master's degree in General Psychology from New York University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University.

She employs a unique therapeutic approach characterized by a holistic, healing-oriented, empirically supported model known as AEDP™ psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

The seed of her fascination with AEDP™ therapy was planted at Adelphi, where she had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Diana Fosha, the esteemed creator of AEDP™ psychotherapy. Inspired by their deep emotional engagement and the transformative possibilities of AEDP™ therapy, Dr. Hanakawa undertook intensive training under Dr. Fosha's tutelage. Her clinical practice is fueled by an abiding interest in the profound emotional engagement, the inherent wisdom of the body, and the transformational interplay of body, mind and heart, evoked by AEDP™ therapy.

As a writer and contributor to the field, Dr. Hanakawa has authored a range of scholarly papers, book chapters, and a comprehensive book on AEDP™ psychotherapy. Her first book, "Transforming Your Counseling Skills: A Practical Method to Heal Emotions" (2020), demystifies the basic concepts of AEDP™ therapy for therapists in a reader-friendly format (in Japanese). Her chapter on AEDP™ therapy features in the "Handbook of Integrative Psychotherapy" (2021, in Japanese), and her piece on moment-to-moment tracking found a place in the book, "Undoing Aloneness and the Transformation of Suffering Into Flourishing: AEDP 2.0" (2021, APA). In 2021, she also co-wrote, as a second author, the "Addendum to the Korean Translation of 'The Transforming Power of Affect'" with AEDP founder, Diana Fosha, specifically for Korean readers. She was also integral to the translation supervision of "The Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change," (2017) a textbook on AEDP™ psychotherapy by Dr. Diana Fosha.

Dr. Hanakawa has also garnered recognition in notable platforms. She was featured in Psychotherapy Networker discussing the importance of termination work, and in HuffPost, where she explored the spiritual, cultural, and psychological meanings behind Marie Kondo's work.

Over recent years, Dr. Hanakawa has taken on the role of educator, disseminating her expertise in AEDP™ psychotherapy through training courses both nationally and internationally. She also founded AEDP™ JAPAN, an educational platform geared towards nurturing the next generation of Japanese therapists in AEDP™ therapy. 


Currently, Dr. Hanakawa is a Senior Faculty member at the AEDP™ Institute. Previously, she served as a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai St. Luke's Hospital and led the externship program for doctoral psychology students. She now practices privately in Manhattan, offering psychotherapy for individual adults and supervision for budding therapists. Her professional interests span moment-to-moment tracking and the application of AEDP™ therapy to diverse populations, including clients from varying cultural backgrounds and highly sensitive individuals.

As an immigrant from Japan, Dr. Hanakawa possesses a deep understanding of bi-cultural and immigrant experiences, particularly those stemming from North East Asian cultures. Utilizing the AEDP™ therapy model, she endeavors to undo the aloneness often felt by these individuals within the dominant American culture.

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